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A specialist in commercial law, Sabine Agius Cabourdin set up her private boutique law firm in 2013 working closely with a close-knit team of affiliate partners in order to provide a superior, bespoke service.

A dual citizen of France and Malta, she is known for her vivacious personality and philanthropic work through FIDEM Foundation which she established in 2018. She also serves as a director on the board of a number of reputable companies in Malta and is engaged in pro bono work for several prestigious philanthropic organisations most notably the BOV Joseph Calleja Foundation where she is one of the Board’s administrators.

Sabine was engaged in the business world from a very young age and her experience in negotiation and scrutiny stem from those early days helping to run the family business. Eventually she moved on to her own business ventures running various commercial outlets between the ages of 16 and 25.

After graduating in Law from the University of Malta in 2008, Sabine worked for a highly reputable Valletta law firm before opening her own practice.

Sabine’s extensive business acumen gives her a leading edge in dealing with all aspects of commercial law. She excels in her flexibility to save a deal or run through smooth negotiations for her clients. A thorough analysis of the various legal aspects at hand with the utmost respect to the letter of the law are her prerogative. Every detail is carefully scrutinised with care and passion.

Legal assistance to foreign citizens
Setting up a business or buying a property in a foreign country can be an interesting challenge as myriad legal hurdles need to be negotiated. This is where Sabine’s extensive expertise in commercial and property law comes in, not to mention her fluency in English, French, Maltese and Italian. Not only will she guide you through all the steps with her customary attention to detail and discretion, but she will also do it in your language.