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When a business struggles, there are several operational solutions which can be taken, the most common of which is restructuring. Company restructuring in Malta enables internal operations to maximise their efficiency, whilst reviewing and identifiying of operational inefficiencies. The aim is to best facilitate cost savings while minimising overheads through prioritising, consultation, assisting short-term and long-term viability and possibly seeking business partners or opportunities for merger or acquisition.

Other options may include buying out, refinancing debt or issuing shares.

SA Consult provides restructuring planning and legal advice to assist with a smooth and trouble-free transition. We work alongside the expertise of our partners in taxation so that companies can be re-organised effectively and efficiently, from financing and security to the re-distribution of share capital, tax implications and more.

Whether you are a small business, family business, medium enterprise or large corporation SA Consult is your first choice for company restructuring in Malta.