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Malta is an attractive destination for businesses and the area of business law and intellectual property law provides ample incentives for protecting one’s assets. Malta intellectual property law falls under the Trademarks Act, Copyright Act, Patents and Designs Act of 2000 as well as cross-border intellectual property rights.

SA Consult assists under all matters relating to intellectual property law for companies or individuals looking to protect their designs, branding, designs and other assets from threats. Such services can be provided at the initial stages of a company formation and assistance can be provided throughout the company’s lifetime. SA Consult has helped many local businesses to gain the protection and documentation they need in order to secure their intellectual property, through advisory and provisional services, trademarks registration, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, copyright protection, dispute resolution and more.

The list of services in intellectual property law include, but are not limited to:

  • Consultations and advice regarding protection of your intellectual property.
  • Registering of trademarks, patents and designs in Malta
  • Registration of trademarks within the EU
  • The drafting of various agreements such as non-disclosures, confidentiality, technology transfer, licensing and more
  • Licensing consultations
  • Protection of business, trade reputation and protecting domain names
  • Copyright protection advice
  • Preparation of patent applications
  • Dispute resolution