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SA Consult along with our network of property management experts has assisted with the negotiation and drafting of terms for the correct implementation of condominium rules, as per the Condominium Act of Malta. A condominium refers to a property or group of such properties whereby the common areas are vested pro diviso by two or more persons, who also own separate units within the same property. The Condominium Act was brought into legislation to ensure and regulate matters of common areas, and requires an administrator for a period of two years.

SA Consult offers expertise in the correct implementation of Condominium Rules, outlining the terms with clients and neighbours, laying out boundaries and rules for common areas and generally maintaining the Condominium in good order. Acting as your appointed administrator SA Consult provides condominia services in Malta including:

  • Filling in and submission of registration forms signed by all owners
  • Obtainuing public liability and fire protection policies
  • Creating a bank account for all contributions relating to the Condominium
  • Record-keeping of all transactions, meetings and developments within the property
  • Creating an annual forecast
  • Supervision on all third-party works and services
  • Day to day running and administration including property inspections
  • Taking action on any neighbour issues, burdens, servitudes and other civil matters