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Malta’s Data Protection Act of 2001 was put in place to protect our islands democratic values, most notably the individual’s right to privacy. This act protects individuals against privacy violations such as the processing of their personal data.

SA Consult is experienced in all matters of data protection in Malta and has offered data protection services in relation to abuse of personal data, undue data processions and international data transfer, the drafting of privacy policies, database transfer agreements, unsolicited spam and online marketing.

In accordance with the Malta Data Protection Act, any person or entity wishing to process any personal data must first notify the Data Protection Commissioner. This obligation is crucial when the processing of such data can reveal the identity of an individual. This personal data includes:

  • the person's name, address and contact numbers
  • any credit card numbers or bank accounts
  • their salary
  • their website preferences or usage
  • personal photographs

The processing of this data refers to the collection of, recording, organisation, storage, adaptation, gathering, usage, disclosure or destruction.