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SA Consult provides advice and assistance with regards to testate succession (the deceased left a will) or intestate succession, where no will was left. We provide clear legal advice on inheritance and estates, regulating the way in which the estate is to be devolved. We also assists clients with regulating their inheritance, interpreting secret and public wills, and drafting wills that are tailor-made for your specific needs.

Where estates include immovable property, this must be declared through a public deed and the paying of stamp duty. Such fiscal benefits may be obtained if declarations are made. SA Consult has assisted with providing drafting of deeds, and appearing as power of attorney where needed.

Through all matters of inheritance procedures SA Consult is able to provide sound guidance, ensuring that the matters are handled in an efficient and sensitive manner.


Foundations in Malta are organisations with assets that are destined for the fulfilment of a specific purpose (herby referred to as a purpose foundation), or else for the benefit of a named person or class of persons (a private foundation). Foundations in Malta are permitted to be used as a collective investment, issuing units to investors such as in the case of a pension or employee benefits. Foundations in Malta are also utilised as a securitisation transaction. Foundations are not permitted to trade or conduct commercial activities, but they can be bestowed a commercial property, or become shareholder in a company, franchise or trademark. SA Consult can assist with the setting up of a foundation in Malta either through a public deed or a last will. The foundation must have a local address as well as a name and a clear denomination. For the setting up of a foundation, founders are requirement to make an endowment either in the form of property or money worth €1,164 to the foundation itself. In the case of social-purpose foundations the endowment amount is €232.94.