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SA Consult is able to assist clients in all business and corporate matters enabling them to set up operations in Malta and efficiently and quickly as possible. From initial conceptualising and planning, we can facilitate company registration processes, drafting and filing, banking, permitting, back office and other corporate advisory services.

Our vast experience in corporate management has enabled to us assist businesses within diverse sectors, from small local entities to larger corporations with an existing international presence. We will outline all of the corporate requirements needed for private companies including shareholders, capital, accounting and more.

All corporate law is regulated by the Malta Companies Act, which is based on the UK Companies Act of 1985. The regulation and registration of all companies is handled through the Malta Financial Services Authority.

When setting up a business in Malta, there are several different corporate structures, the most common being the Limited Liability Company. This entity is advantageous in its limited liability of its shareholders, whilst the company’s own liability is unlimited. A Limited Liability Company can be private (limited right to transfer share, less than 50 members, public invites to shares prohibited), or public (with a share capital of €1,200).

Companies in Malta can usually be set up within 24-48 hours from receipt of the documentation considering that all of the requirements of Maltese Law have been satisfied. SA Consult will draft up the Memorandum of Association outlining the details pertaining to company name and address, nature (private or public), registered address, objectives, judicial and legal representation and details of directors and secretary.