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Commercial Law

SA Consult’s expertise in employment and industrial relations in Malta covers employment engagement contract, service contracts, business transfers, terminations and unfair dismissal claims, with each case tailor-made to fit our client’s requirements.

All agreements and contracts are provided to guarantee the safeguards of the law whilst protecting the legal rights of the employer and employees.

Our team provides legal assistance on redundancy, maternity and paternity, working hours, health and safety, wages and collective agreements, and can assist with relocating staff and obtaining of work permits for non-EU employees.

We can also advise you on tax and VAT regulations, assist you with company mergers and acquisitions as well as support you with restructuring planning if your business is struggling.

Sa Consult also provides advice and assistance with regards to testate succession (when the deceased has left a will) or intestate succession (where no will is left).

Moreover SA Consult’s accounts team excel in providing trust management for the best interest of their beneficiaries, always in complete security and confidentiality.