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For those persons seeking to obtain citizenship or residence in Malta our island offers two distinct residency programmes enabling entrepreneurs and their families visa-free travel and residency in a safe and stable environment with great international links.

Malta offers two distinct programmes: The Global Residence Programme which allows foreigners to obtain permanent residency in Malta without physical presence on the island for a specific time frame. This programme offers the benefits of a unique tax status and double-taxation treaties.

The Malta Individual Investor Programme, or IIP is tailored towards high net worth individuals from non-EU countries.

The Global Residence Programme

The Global Residence Programme in Malta offers permanent residence both to Malta and the EU, offering those the opportunity to do business on our island with reduced tax rates, a Schengen Visa offering freedom of movement to other Schengen countries, inherited Permanent Residence, no inheritance tax and Double Tax Treaty relief.

The requirements of the Global Residence Programme include:

  • Purchasing a property of at least €275,000 (€220,000 for Gozo or certain areas) within 12 months of obtaining permanent residence. Or renting of property in Malta for no less than €9,600 per annum (€8,750 for Gozo and certain areas)
  • Minimum €15,000 tax liability
  • Proof of independence and sufficient means
  • Malta and EU Health insurance
  • One must not reside outside of Malta for more than 183 days in a single year.


The Malta Individual Investor Programme

This Programme requires a significant contribution to Malta’s National Development and Social Fund and grants citizenship based on a process of due diligence. Principal requirements for this Programme include:

  • National Development and Social Fund contributions of €650,000 for the main applicant, as well as €25,000 for the spouse, €25,000 for each child up to 18 years old, €50,000 for unmarried children aged 18 to 25 and ascendants, and €50,000 for each dependent parent over the age of 55
  • A minimum commitment of 5 years to retain a local residence through a property purchase of not less than €350,000 or a rent of at least €16,000 annually
  • A €150,000 investment in Government approval financial instruments for no less than 5 years
  • Proof of Malta residence for 12 months prior to naturalisation.

Due diligence fess include:

  • €7,500 for the main applicant, €5000 for a spouse, €3000 for unmarried children less than 18 years of age, €5000 for unmarried children aged 18 to 25, and €5000 for each dependent parent
  • €500 passport fee per person
  • €200 bank fees per application.



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