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SA Consult's experience in employment and industrial relations in Malta spans from employment engagement contracts and service contracts to business transfers, terminations and unfair dismissal claims, each one tailor-made to fit the client. All agreements and contracts are provided to guarantee the safeguards of the law whilst protecting the legal rights of the employer and employees. SA Consult provides legal assistance on redundancy, maternity and paternity, working hours, health and safety, wages and collective agreements, and can assist with relocating staff and obtaining of work permits for non-EU employees.

Employment Law in Malta is regulated by the Employment and Industrial Relations Act of 2002 which brought Malta in to line with existing EU regulations. These include Contracts of Service for a Fixed Term. Collective Redundancies, Part-Time Employee Regulations, Transfer of Business and the Organisation of Working Time Regulations. This act is also responsible for Industrial Relations including the Industrial Tribunal and Trade Union Regulations.