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Within the Maltese Companies Act existing companies can either by merged by acquisition or else merged through formation of a new company. Within any merger draft terms have to be prepared specifying status, name and registered office of both companies, share exchange ratio, terms relating to shares, and other dates relating to holding shares and transactions.

SA Consult assists mergers and acquisitions through negotiation to agreements, always adopting a policy of confidentiality. We can address each requirement as it is presented and is able to guarantee trademarks, names, job security and other issues which may arise during such a process.

Due diligence processes should be started as soon as possible within the scope of the merger, and both the legal and financial side should be conducted together. Our corporate clients range from small private businesses to large international companies, and we have successfully completed mergers, sales and purchasing of shared and assets, buy-outs and other offers for many clients, providing expert representation. We have also represented sellers, buyers, investment bankers and lenders in assisting with company mergers in Malta.